Electrical Foreman

Job Description:

  • Test electrical systems using tools to determine where issues may be occurring, the safety of the system and to ensure compatibility
  • Document actions, testing results, observations, final diagnosis of the situation and steps taken to resolve issues for each job or situation 
  • Determine the steps necessary to assess an electrical situation and troubleshoot using testing devices, blueprints and maps
  • Maintain a safe work envirnoment by adhering to all company guidelines and OSHA safety requirements and also through reporting violations of policies, procedures and guidelines to supervisor 
  • Use ladders, scaffolding and lifts to work on electrical systems in commercial properties
  • Maintain equipment to ensure it is in good condition and can operate or be used safely
  • To maintain and to ensure general good housekeeping of work area
  • Be able to bend 1/2′ up to 4″ conduits
  • Be able to utilize required tools and equipment for each specific task as necessary


  • 10+ years of experience in the electrical trade
  • Develop the construction schedule for the overall project and continually monitor and adjust as needed
  • Ability to contribute to the installation or direct others through the installation and troubleshooting process
  • Ability to coordinate manpower needs
  • Ability to coordinate or place material orders after a competition price comparison has been completed
  • Maintain compliance with company, state and OSHA safety standards


  • Personal Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid Holidays: 7 paid holidays and one rotating holiday
  • Pay it forward Time Off: All employees have (1) additional paid time off to willingly offer their time to serve the community or volunteer at their choice of place, subject to the other terms of the time off policy
  • Health Benefits: All employees are eligible for medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage
  • 401(k) Retirement: The Company provides a 100% match of the first 4% of employee’s contribution each year, to the plan.  Eligibility for the plan begins the first day of the month following 90 days of employment
  • Education: Switch Electric, LLC will determine financial contribution for employees pursue of education, upon receiving information such as costs and schedule of classes