Professionally Trained in Handling Electrical Systems

Professionally Trained in Handling Electrical Systems

Our Mission

We build for our community and our partners as well as build opportunities for people who care about exceptional performance and the quality of life!

The Core of Our Culture

What Makes Switch Electric Different?

We approach our craft with a proactive, positive, and enthusiastic attitude where creativity and curiosity are encouraged. We believe that the success of our company begins with the success and growth of each employee.

Forming a cohesive team that is willing to trade ideas, offer praise, and provide recommendations is vital. The people of a company greatly affect its culture. They define the values and mission that their team as a whole will have to live by.


We believe in investing in the personal and professional growth of our team members by providing educational opportunities such as workshops, classes, and promotions to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

We are not only a team, but we are also a family. We celebrate each other’s professional and personal successes, build on strengths and weaknesses, and share our passion for what we do as well as the experiences that made us who we are.

Due to the nature of our work environments, we wear proper gear and strictly follow protocols and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. Our team takes personal responsibility for the safety of the people around them as well as their own both at work and at home.

People find creative ways to resolve their own problems and better contribute to society and the world when they are empowered. We strive to empower individuals to achieve their highest quality of life.

We realize that we are at our strongest as a community when we celebrate our diversity and dedicating ourselves to the well-being of others. Paying it forward to our community is our priority and we do so by volunteering, making donations, and educating others on how they can join us in giving back.